How can you call for help when emergencies happen while you are driving a car in Thailand

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What if you are driving a car in Thailand and there are emergencies such as no fuel, broken car or not working battery, you may wonder how you can ask for help. In this article, we will talk about all the possible ways you should know who you can call when you need help.

No fuel

If you notice that there is a warning light for fuel showing up, it means that you still have some of the fuel left which makes it take you around 40-50 kilometres more. In this case, you can drive to find nearby petrol stations. However, if you check and find out that the nearest petrol station is further away. You should try to save energy by turning off the air condition, GPS and not speed up the car unnecessarily which can be around 60-80 kilometres per hour.

On the other hand, when your car has no fuel left, surprisingly. You should try to park the car where it is safe. You can also turn on the emergency light to let other cars know that you are having a problem and ask them for help. If you cannot find one, you can try calling these public numbers to ask for support:

  • 1543 Department of Expressway Authority of Thailand
  • 1137 JS 100
  • 1677 Happy Station

Broken car

When your car is broken surprisingly, what you have to do first is do not panic, try to park the car where it is safe and be careful for your own safety too. What you can also do is turn on the emergency light and ask for help from people around there or other cars.

You can ask people or search if there are any nearby maintenance shops where they can come to check and fix the car for you quickly. If you cannot find any nearby maintenance shop or people around to help, you can call highway patrol officers on 1193 and call 1669 if there are accidents and people get injured. However, the best way to avoid problems and unexpecting costs for accidents is to have car insurance in Thailand.

Not working battery

Your car’s battery can get old and not work which leads to the car hesitating to start or cannot start at all. You can fix it by doing jump start with other cars or call battery companies to help check if you need to only do the jump start or you need a new battery.

You can worry about these problems less if you have car insurance in Thailand from Rabbit Care. With car insurance in Thailand from Rabbit Care, you will get ready to care service 24 hours when an accident occurs, get access to garages around Thailand and you can call emergency numbers when you get a problem on 1438 only when you have a car insurance in Thailand with Rabbit Care 24 hours and ask for support when you need the most.




How can you call for help when emergencies happen while you are driving a car in Thailand
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